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Make a Plan Do Something

From Your SBA President, Katie Smith

From the moment you stepped into this school, law students, lawyers, and others whose lives seem to revolve around TJSL and the practice of...
By Katie Smith | February 20, 2015
December 2014 Calendar

December Holiday Calendar

December, 2014 Holiday Calendar Be on the look out for our new Master Calendar that will be coming soon. Until then, we will do our best...
By Lauren Audette | January 5, 2015
Katie Smith

Top Ten Ways I Have Survived Finals and How to Deal If You Literally Cannot…

10)  It’s okay to cry.  When a concept has eluded you all semester and it hits you all of a sudden that you have three days to master it,...
By Katie Smith | January 5, 2015
Class 2015

Giving Back: The 3L Class Gift

The history and tradition of graduates giving back to their school is one that goes back hundreds of years. Some universities can trace...
By Michelle Evenson | January 5, 2015
Mock Trial

Another Rewarding Semester for TJSL's National Trial Team

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law National Trial Team has been busy this fall semester.  The competitions got off to a strong start with...
By Katie Jenkins | January 5, 2015
SBA Ryan Carlson Vice President

From Your SBA Vice President: Ryan Carlson

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is one hell of a law school. Believe it or not, we as students are in the hands of pretty awesome people,...
By Ryan Carlson | November 10, 2014
Criminal Law Society's Death Penalty Forum

Death Penalty? Still Up For Debate

On Monday, November 3, TJSL’s Criminal Law Society, the Black Law Student Association, and the National Lawyers Guild held a panel...
By Tom Curl | November 10, 2014

TJSL ADR Team 2014-2015

Everyone in law school knows how many hours are spent reading, writing papers, rushing to internships, and balancing friends and family....
By Michelle Evenson | November 10, 2014
Halloween TJSL SBA

TJSL Halloween Bash

Celebrities, superheroes, wild animals and imagination descended upon the Hard Rock Hotel for SBA’s annual Halloween gala on Friday,...
By Charles Burden | November 10, 2014
ELS Event

Picture This: Copyrights and Copywrongs in Visual Works, From Comics to Photographs

Visual works extend from basic photographs to the drawings and graphics of comic books and video games. Copyright is the main soure of...
By | October 28, 2014
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