Sports Law BBall Champs

TJSL Intramural Basketball

Intramural athletics has brought some excitement in years past but this basketball season might have topped them off. The competiveness of...
By Chris Arce | March 27, 2015

SBA Elections

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is holding elections soon and is hoping for a great group of people to run for positions. You might be...
By Katie Smith | March 27, 2015
Moot Courters

Moot Courters Bloom with a Wide Range of Competitions

The TJSL Moot Court Honor Society had an eventful semester filled with plenty of hard work, determination, and travel. Moot Courters went...
By Mahsa Kashkooly | March 27, 2015

Diversity Week: April 6 - 10

TJSL has been hosting Diversity Week for as long as Professor Maurice Dyson can remember. “We work to highlight the contributions and...
By Michelle Evenson | March 27, 2015
Barristers Ball

TJSL's Barristers Ball

This year, the Student Bar Association (SBA) is hosting their annual Barrister’s Ball on Saturday, March 28th at the field of Petco Park!...
By Michelle Ribaudo | March 27, 2015
VDay Events

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Calendar

Here is a list of what San Diego has to offer for all you love birds on Valentine's Day.
By Brittany Brewer | February 20, 2015
Make a Plan Do Something

From Your SBA President, Katie Smith

From the moment you stepped into this school, law students, lawyers, and others whose lives seem to revolve around TJSL and the practice of...
By Katie Smith | February 20, 2015
B Rapp

The Tenacious Bisom-Rapp: A Study in Law, Love, and Life

In the Old Testament of the Bible, there is a story of a very wise and powerful king named Samson.  Jealous and power hungry, many...
By Shawn Bakshi | February 20, 2015
Tool Box

Are You Ready For The Bar?

May 16 is just a few months away, and that means the bar examination is not far behind. I know, I can hear you hissing at me. I’m sorry,...
By Michelle Evenson | February 20, 2015
Blood Drive

TJSL and San Diego Blood Drive

On Thursday, January 29th, SBA and TJSL partnered with the San Diego Blood Bank for our first annual blood drive. TJSL registered 22 people...
By Julieta Sepulveda | February 20, 2015
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