The Patent Law Enrichment Program

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Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering – or a similar amount of coursework – may participate in this flexible patent law enrichment program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The program enables students to expand their depth of knowledge about patent prosecution, enabling them to more efficiently work with patent attorneys at their companies or become patent agents themselves.   

Students will have the opportunity to directly assist inventors seeking patent protection for a patentable idea in the law school’s Patent Clinic. Students will be supervised by and work one-on-one with a California-licensed patent attorney as they handle all aspects of the application from the initial client meeting to discuss the invention through filing the application and interacting with the patent examiner.

Students enrolled in this flexible program also attend evening classes such as Patent Claim Drafting which provides them with the skills necessary to effectively prosecute a patent application. Students also have the opportunity to work on patent applications in the law school’s Patent Clinic as their schedule permits. Substantive courses such as Patent Law and Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Practice are available to further enhance their depth of understanding. At each stage, students will interact with our expert professors and practitioners, including a partner at a major patent law firm and in-house IP counsel for a major technology firm. Those interested in taking the patent bar examination may also receive guidance and tips on how to prepare from the law school’s professors.

Hollie Kucera, '16
Electrical Engineer

The Patent Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law provided me with invaluable experience working with clients, drafting patent applications, and handling filings on EFS Web. This experience set me apart from other young professionals in the field of Intellectual Property law and allowed me hit the ground running at my first job without having to go through the typical learning curve that most new hires face.

What is required to participate?

Patent Enrichment Program students must have a qualifying scientific or technical undergraduate degree, or equivalent course work, as defined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Please see Section III of the USPTO’s General Requirements Bulletin for additional detail on this requirement. NOTE: Students are not required to take and pass the USPTO registration examination (patent bar examination), but must be qualified for the exam as described in the Bulletin.

How do I apply?

To apply for a slot in the Patent Enrichment Program students must complete the on-line application and attach a resume, an unofficial undergraduate transcript, and a statement describing the reasons why they are interested in participating.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all spots are filled, with an ultimate deadline of August 10 for the fall semester (classes start the 3rd week in August) and December 10 for the spring semester (classes start the second week in January). Applicants may be required to be interviewed by the supervising attorney of the patent clinic before a final selection is made.

How can I get more information?

E-mail Professor Steven Semeraro, Patent Law Enrichment Program Director, for more information at