Phi Alpha Delta

Wine, Cheese & Judges' Pet Peeves 2013: Executive Board & Board of Directors with Judges


Stanley H. Kohn Outstanding Law School Chapter Award

2013/2014 Executive Board 

Justice- Chelsey Guay

Vice Justice- Erica Bloom

Treasurer- Andrew Myers

Clerk- Pauline Isidro

Marshal- Chelsea Grover

What is PAD?

Phi Alpha Delta is a legal professional fraternity composed of students, attorneys, judges and educators worldwide.  As the largest international legal fraternity, consisting of nearly 300,000 living members, Phi Alpha Delta has one of the profession’s largest membership databases for networking with students and alumni. Thomas Jefferson School of Law is home of the Franklin Chapter, arguably the most successful, active, and lauded Chapter in Southern California.

Why Join?

You can call Bill Clinton your brother and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg your sister. Phi Alpha Delta alumni include Bill Clinton, Joseph Biden, Woodrow Wilson, Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court Justices William H. Taft, Warren Burger, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Samuel Alito and Sonia Sotomayor. We are the largest student-run organization on campus, with over 150 active members.

You get a 2L/3L to mentor you. PAD is a way to meet 2L/3L students and mentors right away, who can help guide you through your 1L year. What electives should you take? How do you get an internship? What's the best way to study? Where's the best place to get a sandwich near school? With the sage advice of a wise PAD mentor, these questions will no longer keep you up at night – we have all been there!

We want you to succeed. Seriously. PAD offers academic panels and programs that are as useful as they are honest. Events such as "So You Got Into Law School, Now What?" will help you navigate your 1L year. PAD also offers a comprehensive outline database; outlines are course and professor specific and obtained from students who excelled in the class. "Jeopardy" will be an event leading into your first set of midterms, and will provide you with a fun and helpful way to study.

Rub elbows with alumni and local attorneys and judges. Franklin Chapter offers an array of professional and social events, many involving alumni and local professionals. Our largest annual event is “Wine, Cheese and Judges’ Pet Peeves,” where the local judiciary warns you of the do's and don'ts of the courtroom. Other events this semester will include a "Public Speaking Workshop," "Network to Get Work," and alumni mixers.  

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact Justice Chelsey Guay at