Public Interest Law Foundation

PILF President and PILF Treasurer advertise PILF at the Fall 2012 Org Fair

Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is dedicated to raising awareness among legal professionals about the value of making a commitment to public service legal work.

Located in San Diego, CA, PILF is a member of Equal Justice Works, formerly known as National Association for Public Interest Law NAPL. (So many acronyms, these days...just remember PILF for now!)

Public Interest Law Defined:

"Public Interest Law is the use of law by nonprofit organizations, law firms, and government agencies to provide legal representation to people, groups, or interests that are historically underrepresented in the legal system. Areas of public interest law include but are not limited to civil rights and liberties, women's rights, children and youth services, immigrant issues, worker rights, employment law, consumer rights, public benefits, gay and lesbian rights, environmental law, and the death penalty." Equal Justice Works, (accessed July 31, 2006).