2012 Class Gift

The next time you find yourself of the 5th floor be sure to check the 2012 Class Gift labeled “Luck” created by Kelly Lynch 3L. The art hangs at the end of the hallway near the Student Lounge.


The plaques to the right of the painting of Thomas Jefferson lists the names of those who donated and  reads: Inspired by the transition from old to new building, and the construction of each student into an attorney, this painting utilizes elements of wood and metal to symbolize the growth we experienced.


The 2012 Class Gift was presented to TJSL by the Student Bar Association and graduating students of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  Inscribed on the plaque, 2011-2012 SBA President Marty Stratte states, “May or bonds formed during law school continue to flourish throughout our careers and lives.”


This is the second Class Gift to be given to TJSL.