2013 Class Gift

Your SBA is requesting that all 3L/4L students donate $20 (+$1.00 PayPal fee) towards the 2013 Class Gift.



  1. The Student Bar Association began instituting a Class Gift in 2011 from donations by the 3L/4L students for that graduating term.
  2. The PayPal link below receives donations of a recommended $20 per 3L/4L student on the SBA website (although donations will be open to the entire school and community).
  3. The total funds collected will then be used for a painting and plaque with the graduation Month/Year on it.
  4. School ranking and ABA recognition is directly tied to class gifts, donations, and fundraising as it shows students care about their institution and what happens to their school after they graduate.
  5. This is another key aspect in changing the way our community of law schools and our country views our law school, while keeping to the principles that made our time at Thomas Jefferson School of Law a wonderful experience.