Former SBA Officers

2014-2015 Student Bar Association Officers, Directors, and Representatives
Executive Board

President – Katie Smith
Vice-President – Ryan Carlson
Treasurer – Angelo Perillo
Secretary – Sean Russell

Executive Committee

Public Relations Director – Andy Umaña
Academics Director – Kaitlin Shelby
Alumni Relations Director – Rachel Baum
Athletic Events Co-Directors – Chris Arce and Montez Harrison
Community Events Co-Directors – Nima Etemadian and Julie Sepulveda
Social Events Director - Michelle Ribaudo
Parliamentarian – Damon Booth

Editor-in-Chief of The Jeffersonian - Lauren Audette

Bar Association Student Representatives

American Bar Association (ABA) – Pamela Rivera and Angelo Perillo
North County Bar Association (NCBA) – Brian Del Vecchio
San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) – Robert Del Junco

Chairs and Committees

Alumni Relations Committee – Andy Umaña
Social Events Committee – Michelle Ribaudo
Athletic Events Committee – Adam Edel
Fundraising Chair – Angelo Perillo

Class Representatives

3L Class Representatives – Michelle Evenson
2L Class Representatives – Donny Samporna, Scott Sandborn
Spring 2013 1L Class Representatives – Phil Mauriello, Casey Amorelli