Classroom Technology

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The classrooms in our law school are “smart classrooms.”

That means our 21st Century technology is more innovative than anything you may have seen – smarter, faster and with amazing intuitive abilities that make the classroom experience come alive.

Our aim is to improve teaching, learning and productivity while benefiting the environment with our “greener” systems.

The network is based on fast, reliable wireless access available to all students. It allows TJSL to provide you with more consistent access to Internet resources, multi-media content, podcasts and resources we will add in the future.

When asked, students are even able to connect their laptops to the classroom projectors wirelessly and share the contents of their screen!

Integrated video conferencing equipment is being used to bring off-site instructors and guests into our new classrooms -- as well as to join multiple classrooms together. You’ll feel like you’re in the same classroom with other students anywhere in the world – because you can see them and talk to them virtually!