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San Diego's population continues to grow because of the city's desirable location and economic opportunities. What does this mean to you as an apartment or house hunter? It means you will need to spend a little time finding the right living accommodations for you. Now is the time to start gathering references from your current landlord, especially if you have a pet, and to begin thinking about the type of housing you desire and how much you want to spend.

For Rent

If you're looking for an apartment, these online publications offer detailed information on various properties, including photos.

Apartment List

San Diego Apartments

Apartments for Rent

Apartment Guide

San Diego Craigslist

San Diego Rental Finder

Vantaggio Suites - Partially Furnished

San Diego Neighborhoods

If you are new to San Diego and need some insight on the different neighborhoods we have to offer, here are a few resources for you to consider.