Students should make their own housing arrangements in Nice. However, Thomas Jefferson School of Law has arranged for discounted housing at 4 different facilities in Nice: three fully-equipped apartment/hotel facilities and four hotels. This is the French Riviera and prices for hotels and rental apartments are very high. We advise you to make your reservations early directly with one of the seven facilities below. You will need  to provide the hotel or apartment/hotel  with your credit card number, date of expiration, name on the card, etc. You must pay the total cost for your room on the date you arrive using the credit card number you provided to the hotel or apartment/hotel. If you do not pay in full on the date of arrival, you will not be able to stay at the hotel or at the apartment/hotel.

Each residence has a very limited number of rooms available, so students are advised to make housing arrangements early by contacting the hotel or apartment/hotel directly by email. Don’t forget to get a written confirmation of your hotel or apartment/hotel reservation. You will arrive at the hotel on June 16, 2018, and you will depart on July 12, 2018. This is a 26-day stay.

You cannot check out of your room on weekends if you plan on traveling on weekends. You must pay for the entire 27-day stay on the date of arrival at the Reception desk of the hotel or residence provided below.  

Housing Options for the Nice 2018 Program