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The iPad: "I Need It For School and Other Things".

By | Opinions
I’m what the tech-blogs and forums have dubbed an “Apple fanboy”. When Apple unveiled the iPad on January 27th, 2010, I wanted one...


By Jon Cooper | Opinions
Looking at one of my typical days is a bit disheartening. Not in the sense that I do not appreciate where I am, what I’ve overcome, my...

No, I Don't Want Pizza

By Allyson Evans | Opinions
I am a chunky monkey.  In case you’re confused, I have a long list of ways to describe different levels of larger-than-“normal” body...

3L Manifesto

By | Opinions
I applied to be the 1L Manifesto writer in 2008. I felt like the column would be reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s column in Sex and the...

Stuck for Summer?

By Amanda Pollard | Opinions
We all remember being in elementary school, anxiously waiting the few precious months with no school, no responsibilities. We’d sleep...

Does the Brain's Geography Reveal Criminal Predispositions?

By | New Jeffersonian
Over the past 10 years, research scientists have made illuminating discoveries about the geography of the typical criminal mind. Recently...