IP Fellows Program

IP Practicum
The IP Practicum where students learn by working in mock firm rather than taking notes in a classroom.

We offer an exciting Intellectual Property Fellowship Program for incoming students with backgrounds that are a good fit for careers in intellectual property law.


If you are a prospective law student with an undergraduate or advanced degree in the hard sciences or engineering or who has other demonstrated life experiences indicating a likelihood of success in an intellectual property-related practice area, this program is designed for you.


Our program provides superior access to intellectual property law in the classroom and in the field when compared to other IP-intensive programs of study.


Our new IP Fellows are introduced to the professors who teach intellectual property-related courses through a seminar as part of new student orientation.


During their first year of law school, the IP fellows take special legal writing classes that focus on IP problems. In the second semester, the IP fellows are invited to attend a multi-day seminar introducing various aspects of intellectual property law, including the basics of patents, copyrights, and trademarks as well as how these bodies of law interact with other areas such as contract and antitrust law.


In addition, in the second semester, fellows have the opportunity to take a special intellectual property survey course taught by TJSL professors that introduces various areas of IP law and typically includes members of the bench and bar who provide real world flavor to the academic experience. Students in the class write papers about an IP topic that interests them, and the author of the best paper receives a tuition stipend for the summer or fall semester. In the second and third years, IP fellows receive preference to register for advanced IP classes; can work one-on-one with professors on intellectual property-related scholarly projects; and have the opportunity to work for academic credit with companies, law firms, and public entities that deal with intellectual property issues.


Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in IP-related moot court competitions and to attend many scholarly and practice-oriented programs dealing with various aspects of intellectual property.


Also in the second and third years of law school are these opportunities for IP Fellows:


1. Students work in our Patent and Trademark Clinics within the law school’s Small Business Law Center prosecuting applications for small business and independent inventors. TJSL is:


• One of only 17 law schools in the nation; 

• The only school in San Diego or Orange County; 

• One of only 5 west of the Mississippi; and

• One of only 2 ABA approved California schools


to offer both USPTO certified patent and trademark clinics. The USPTO has certified TJSL to operate these clinics through a competitive process including regular review. Students have the unique opportunity to serve as the client’s lawyer while working in close cooperation with the USPTO staff. The PTO also grants special privileges to certified clinics that enable matters to move through the process faster, giving students a better chance to see the project through.


2. Third semester students take a course in IP Practice where they learn to prepare a variety of documents such as cease and desist letters, non-disclosure agreements and search reports that form the core of a practicing IP lawyer’s workload.


3. Students have the opportunity to take the IP Practicum, an innovative spring intersession course built on the law firm model in which students work on IP-related matters for mock clients under the supervision and direction of partners.