Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief - Pamela Rivera, 3L

I am originally from Queens, New York.  I came to California to attend law school after living in Asia for several years.  Currently, I am an Intellectual Property Fellow and part of the Patent Clinic.  Being elected as the Editor-in-Chief of PaperClip has been an honor; I hope to make it a highly sought destination for anyone looking to read about the latest intellectual property topics.


Managing Editor - Richard Schurman, 3L

Originally from Kirkland, WA, just a short drive from Seattle, I came to San Diego for law school and the weather. I have interests in both political economy and software, so I am excited to be Managing Editor for a journal specifically addressing both Business and Intellectual Property. In the future, I intend to be working in the patent litigation field. I hope to bring a perspective to PaperCLIP which encourages more students and practicing attorneys to participate in a contribution to the legal community which provides new and original insight on developments in the law and technology.


Executive Editor - Michelle Ribaudo, 3L






Editorial Board 2013 - 2014

Editor-in-Chief - Blake Farion, Graduated

Managing Editor - Derek Midkiff, Graduated
Executive Editor - Sumant Pathak, Graduated



Editorial Board 2012 - 2013 (Founding Board)

Editor-in-Chief -  Eugene Sisman, Graduated

Managing Editor -  Jeffrey Berneking, Graduated
Articles Editor -  David Coats, Graduated
News Editor -  Geoffrey Kraemer, Graduated
Executive Editor -  Jennifer McCollough, Graduated