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TJSL Students Proud of their Orgs!

January 20, 2012

Org Fair
Org Fair
Org Fair
Org Fair
Org Fair

The purpose of the student organizational fair held on Wednesday, January 18, was to showcase each individual organization at TJSL and of course to entice new recruits
to join.

Sarah Stewart-Bussey 3L, with the Student Veterans of America, says “we understand there are eight veterans among the new entering class and we would love for them to join. Being a member of  SVA will allow them to ask questions about the law school experience from military people who have done it and also will help them use the G.I. Bill.”

Phi Alpha Delta leader Justice Eric Bernsen 3L explains why he would encourage students to join PAD: “Phi Alpha Delta is a national professional and networking organization and it follows you after law school. No matter which city you go to in the U.S., you will find PAD members. It’s also a great opportunity to meet classmates.”

Antionette Scott 2L is a member of TJSL BLSA’s MockTrial Team and still glowing from her team’s recent win at the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition, held at the Western Regional BLSA conference in Seattle, January 11-15. Scott along with other members of BLSA are proud of their organization. “We have a lot of mentoring programs and we help you to make sure you are doing well in class. We also have quite a few community service events.”

Intellectual Property Law Association President Jeff Taggart 3L sings the praises of his organization. “ILPA gives you experience in so many areas of IP law…copyright, patent law, trademark, trade secrets and many more.”

ILPA’s Vice-President Sara Kelley 2L says, “It gives you a chance to network and socialize with other students who are interested in IP law.”

Law Students for Reproductive Justice’s Michelle Bartolic 3L says, “Reproductive justice is an up and coming area of law. This gives students a chance to branch out and learn about something they may not learn about in law school classes.”

Kevin Kampschror 2L, with the Criminal Law Society, is proud of all TJSL organizations. “Our organizations are reflective of a great school and a foundation for new students coming into law school to give them a chance to network and transition into law.”

SBA President Marty Stratte 3L agrees. “One of the great things about TJSL’s student organizations is that every student is welcome in every organization.”

There are 33 student organizations at TJSL and a full list can be found at