TJSL Faculty

Professor Deo with Students

The most important asset of any law school is its faculty.


We are proud to have an experienced, caring and diverse faculty here at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Their credentials are first-rate, even world-class. Yet, they are among the most accessible to students of any law school faculty.


Our professors have a wealth of real-world legal experience. They have structured business transactions at both the international and the domestic levels, and litigated before the World Court at The Hague, the U.S. Supreme Court, and federal and state trial and appellate courts.


Their clients have ranged from the largest multi-national corporations to the most needy members of our society and virtually every type of client in between. Members of our faculty also have written leading law books that are in use by universities and practitioners in the United States and abroad. They have testified before Congress and state legislatures, have appeared as experts on national television and radio news broadcasts and have served as legal consultants to our government, the United Nations and several foreign governments.


They are prolific scholars as well as effective classroom instructors. Recent reports by the Social Science Research Network show that Thomas Jefferson’s faculty scholarship is frequently downloaded.


All members of our faculty are dedicated classroom teachers who pride themselves on being accessible outside the classroom. Our faculty is engaged in all aspects of campus life from participating in the annual Women’s Law Association Spelling Bee, to serving as advisors for all student organizations, to attending the annual student-hosted Barrister’s Ball.