Because the legal writing faculty at Thomas Jefferson includes teachers who have become expert in a number of fields through their practice, their teaching, and their scholarship, they are especially qualified to help students begin to construct a foundation for their own practice of law.

Leah Christensen, who practiced medical malpractice and school law, focuses her scholarship on cognition, goal orientation and legal reading. She also writes in the area of education law.

Ilene Durst, who has extensive litigation and immigration law experience, focuses her scholarship on language and narrative theory and their applications to advocacy, immigration, and literary representations of the legal culture.

Linda Keller, who served as a Fellow at the University of Miami Center for the Study of Human Rights, publishes in the area of international human rights and criminal law.

Sandy Rierson, formerly a partner practicing intellectual property law with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, pursues scholarship in legal history and women's history, intellectual property, and civil procedure.

Jeff Slattery draws on his years in the music business and his experience as a practitioner in art and entertainment law to study the protection of cultural property.

Priscilla Vargas Wrosh has practice experience in the areas of corporate restructuring and securities fraud litigation.

Amy Day, who worked in political communications prior to attending law school, has experience in corporate litigation and family law.