Thomas Jefferson School of Law Faculty

In their hearts, faculty members of Thomas Jefferson School of Law are teachers committed to helping each student to understand, to care and to take the leap from passive listener to active leader. Our professors are curious learners themselves, producing intellectual articles published in trusted journals and cited by many courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Together, their accomplishments are many and have earned the respect of peers around the nation. Individually, each one of our professors strives to make the law school experience personally rich and professionally successful for the students who cross the threshold of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.


Our professors have a wealth of real-world legal experience. They have structured business transactions at both the international and domestic levels. They have litigated before the World Court at The Hague, the U.S. Supreme Court, and federal and state trial and appellate courts.


Their clients have ranged from the largest multi-national corporations to the neediest members of our society. Members of our faculty are the authors of law books used by universities and practitioners in the United States and abroad. They have testified before Congress and state legislatures, have appeared as experts on national television and radio news broadcasts and have served as legal consultants to our government, the United Nations and several foreign governments.


They are prolific scholars as well as effective classroom instructors. Our faculty is engaged in all aspects of campus life from participating or organizing international conferences, to serving as advisors for student organizations, to attending student-hosted events.


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